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Monitored: 71 days
Multiple plan
Min/Max: $100 / $100000
Referral: 10%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Dec 15th, 2023
bitcoin Tether Tron
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Start Blasting in just 3 easy steps! Step 1 Sign up in the official Zodaic website with your username, email address and your correct BTC address. Your BTC address will be used as your payout address as soon as the session you create ends. As soon as the blasting period completes, hatched BTC will be sent with immediate effect right straight to the BTC address provided. Note: The BTC address used durring registration will remain uneditable, please ensure you confirm the BTC addresses properly before proceeding. Step 2 Login to the Zodaic dashboard and purchase some Zodaic in proportion to how much BTC you want to hatch. Since we are blasting Zodaic against BSC to hatch BTC (ZBS/ZDC ??x BSC=BTC), BNB the native token of BSC will be used to purchase Zodaic to initiate the blasting process. Step 3 After step 2, create a Blasting session using the Zodaic you already got. Then wait for the Blasting process to complete after which the hatched BTC will be sent automatically straight to the respective registered BTC address by the ZBS. You can create as many Blasting sessions as you possibly can as long as you've got enough Zodaic to initiate the session. You will be seeing live information about the blasting processes in the ZBS dashboard. The Zodaic Calculator Blasting starts from a $100 minimum. Amount ($) BNB (BSC) Zodaic (ZDC) Hatched BTC The Hatched BTC is the BTC generated from the ZBS process and would be sent automatically to your BTC address. Millions are already taking part in the power of the Zodaic system. It's now your turn to join!
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