Monitored: 12 days
get 1% up to 2% as   your daily return( Roi) from your single investment until it  reach  200%.
Min/Max: 100 TRX / 4000000 TRX
Referral: Up to 10%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Mar 15th, 2023
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All the investors must understand the informations bellow After reading, please  watch all three(3) videos, it is very important to understand if you are willing to invest. Most of legit projects dries out as well  because of misunderstandings,  project owners  don't explain well to their  people. ???????????????????? Tron10X pro  is a   decentralized  finance( Defi) project,  it operate through  blockchain's  Technology as a peer to peer (p2p) project. Everyone who participate in the project  becomes the owner because    there is no one who  can trade  on behalf of the other person or someone to decide when to withdraw, each and everyone have  their own secret passwords, 12 mnemonic  words and private  keys. As a communitity  project  95%   sustenability comes from the community  and 5% from the benefit of using a Defi technology that contributes for sustenability  in the pool,  but  investors in the project  must not depend on the 5% only, to prolong the life span of the project,  investors need to  manage the project well  by reinvesting, educating  and inviting more, not only  to keep on withdrawing every day without  putting  in a 10% from the withdrawal. Everyone who  first of all he/she  must agree on the sustenability procedures and willing to work as a team. HOW  DO WORK? When you invest, you get 1% up to 2% as   your daily return( Roi) from your single investment until it  reach  200%. Minimum investment start from 100trx   and the Maximum is 4 million trx and above. Make sure to buy energy as  your transaction fee  or leave 120 trx for gas fee. has no end date, if you can  go in Tron Blockchain you will only see the date it was created, the project's life depends on its  management, if the team agrees to  work together and sustain it, than  the project exist forever. Link to join ???????????????? WhatsApp  group ???????????????????? Telegram group ???????? YouTube video 1 YouTube  video 2. YouTube video 3
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