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5% every day.
5.5% daily.
7% daily earn
8% daily earn
oktrx.com Invitation Code: 08186764 | Easy Ways to Make Money Online | 5000 TRX Sign Up Bonus
Min/Max: 5 TRX / 1000000 TRX
Referral: 13.5%-5%-2%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Mar 7th, 2022
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oktrx.com Invitation Code: 08186764 | Easy Ways to Make Money Online | 5000 TRX Sign Up Bonusoktrx.com cloud mining income is a kind of decentralized finance developed based on blockchain technology, which is different from previous finance. Decentralized finance is built on the blockchain, free from human interference, and runs on smart contracts. Really fair, just and open. This is the rise of decentralized finance. We've got our hands on the trend. I believe that there will be more investors in the future, and the return of the mining pool will definitely not be as high as it is now. So grab this opportunity, it can save you years of work and less struggle. ? Investment income withdrawal rate Deposit 5TRX to 30000TRX, withdraw 5% every day; Deposit 30001TRX to 200,000TRX, withdraw 5.5% daily; Deposit 200,001TRX to 500,000TRX, and withdraw 6% daily; Deposit 500001 TRX to 1000000 TRX, withdraw 7% every day; Deposit 1,000,001 TRX to 1,000,0000 TRX, and withdraw 8% every day; Deposit 1,000,0000-10000000TRX and withdraw 10% every day. ?Unlimited invitation rewards First-level users 13.5% Secondary users 5% Level 3 users 2% Official website: https://oktrx.com/#/pages/login/register?id=62320476 Telegram group: https://t.me/ oktrx68 Corporate Legal White Paper:https:// oktrx.com/oktrx.pdf

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