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logo Welcome to your crypto savings account. Where every deposit and withdrawal is taxed 10% Fees are 100% distributed as DIVIDENDS to all tokenholders Penalties apply for early withdrawal within 30 days Come reinvest with the BEST 18.482 TRX/CETO $1.001 USD/CETO 1.4M+ TRX in Contract 166.3K+ CETO Total $75.6K+ USD contract value Why CETO? Token value increases with buys Transactions = Dividends Contract stability due to 30 day withdrawal penalties Aggressive roadmap of high-volume transactional products for more dividends Saddle Up landing_imgsExchange TRX for CETO through your TronLink or compatible web wallet. It’s not as hard as you think. landing_imgsEvery time someone buys CETO with TRX, the price of CETO goes up. Every time someone sells CETO for TRX, the price goes down. landing_imgsWhen someone makes a transaction of any kind, 10% is taken out and distributed proportionally as dividends to EVERY tokenholder alike. landing_imgsLeave whenever you want. Just know if it’s within 30 days of your deposit, it’ll cost you: sell 0-9 days, -75% principal value sell 10-19 days, -50% principal value sell 20-29 days, -25% principal value sell 30+ days, receive 100% of your principal value What's next? 1 Go to our Exchange 2 Buy Tron for your TronLink or web wallet 3 Enter TRX value of the amount of CETO you want 4 Click Buy CETO. Make sure you have at least 20 TRX before you do! (we recommend keeping 250+ TRX in your wallet) 5 Set your auto-reinvestment option to automatically compound your returns 6 Enjoy worry-free passive income! Features landing_imgs SMART Autonomous, trustless, decentralized - the way contracts oughta be. FAIR All transactions taxed 10% - and distributed to those savvy tokenholders. PATIENT If you can’t handle CETO on its tenth day, you don’t deserve it on its thirtieth. ABUNDANT Always there when you need it: no limit on tokens! But the more TRX in the contract, the more expensive the CETO. FUN Everyday is payday. Making money’s still fun around here, right? SIMPLE Buy or sell tokens, the price goes up/down a little bit more (~.0001 TRX). Easy peasy. JUST We buy when you buy - and we’re in this for the long haul. Everyday is someone’s thirtieth day. FRIENDLY Share the wealth and invite some friends! Get your own referral link and enjoy 1/3 of your referrals’ dividends as well. VETTED Based on the popular P3D open source contract, incentivized for longevity. We didn’t invent the hourglass contract - we just made it better. Feed Us Peanuts landing_imgsTwitter landing_imgsDiscord landing_imgsTelegram Rules of the Jungle Can I make money with CETO? Is CETO a security? Why TRX and not ETH ? How do I get TRX? Why are there penalties for early withdrawal? If I withdraw dividends without reinvesting, is there a penalty? If I withdraw non-reinvested dividends and principal before its 30 days are up, is there a penalty? How can I earn CETO for free? Is CETO a one-to-one value ratio with TRX? Is CETO a MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme? Are we associated with the original hourglass contract, P3D, or its development team Team JUST? When will this end? Strength. Wisdom. Loyalty. Be the Elephant in the Room.

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